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Bath Caddy & doTerra Scrubs 11/14

The Hanger Boutique

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This collaboration class is with the Essential Yogini, Jill Nelson. Jill is also the co-owner of Asana Yoga & Sole. This class will begin at 6:30 on Thursday, November 15th. You will start by staining your bath caddy. Black, brown, grey, and white stains are available. While the stain dries you will make your Certified Therapeutic Grade essential oil scrubs.

The combination of essential oils, coconut oil, and epsom salt will help detox the body, increase magnesium (hello, sore and tired legs) and distress + calm the body and mind. Never used essential oils before? You’ll learn about the many health benefits essential oils offers + have 4 different ‘recipes’ to choose from. 

The coat of the evening includes the Bath Caddy + 2 Salt Scrubs + drawing entry. You are welcome to make more DIY scrubs for only $10 each + a custom blended rollerball. 

*This bath caddy is measured based off your average bath width.* This bath caddy with fit a bathtub measuring 30-32inches in width. If you have a larger bath tub please write your width in the notes. Measure from inside edge to the furthest outside edge of the tub.* 

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